Jamming with Eric and Glen.
Winston with grandson Avery,his mother Danielle, son Eric and sister- in- law Jackie, and brother Ken.
Letting the blood go to my head at the foot of an old eucalyptus tree on top of Sugarloaf mountain outside of Melbourne, Australia.
Temporary dwelling at Port Ferry Folk Festival, Australia. Winston, Haley and dad Fred Penner, Diane and Mike Jackson.
Singing in a Port Ferry schoolroom.
APTN producer and me.
Eric and I on an APTN show.
Nephew Glen and niece Missy.
Eric wooing his wife again.
Mom's grandfather used to sit on this hill south of Battleford, Saskatchewan, watching the vast herds of buffalo in the spring.
Uncle Bill Wuttunee and a friend.
The whole film crew outside the fort at Battleford, Sask.
Showing off my guitar to Stephanie Brown at the Saskatoon airport.
Visiting at the Calgary airport with an old friend: Wilton Goodstriker.
Daughter Rachel my granddaughter Mio, Winston Jr. and myself.
Candid photo of Winston Jr.
Oceanside at Nanaimo, BC.
Cafe at Village Huron, PQ.
Stephanie and I, Village Huron.
Me and Joe.
A young Winston!
John Landry, the famous fiddler and myself.
A couple of friends and I on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Australia.
Joe and I.
On the plane again, Quebec City airport.
Jeremy Edwards, Winston, and Ralph Brown.
Winston,Stephanie, her Dad Ralph Brown, and Stephanie Dubeau.
My firstborn son, Stephane.
Even the 'Big Boss' Bernie Makosis joined us singing
Teaching George and Moccasin Joe how to play the clarinet
The crowd loved me and George and Moccasin Joe
CBC dinner show,Cory Poitras playing the Red River Jig and stepping at the same time
WT Goodspirit at CBC dinner show
Rollie Poitras singing for his dinner at the Ramada
Singing for my dinner at the Ramada
even the President of AAAM singing for his dinner,Priscilla Morin looking on.
WT Goodspirit singing for his dinner at the Ramada,Priscilla Morin singing harmonies
3 great volunteers,Jerrico Prudent,Riley Lhirondelle & Jerrica Prudent
Ryan L'hirondelle,13 yrs old,this guy is going to be a great lead gtr player
Gerry Budzinski,Doreen Prudent,Winston W.Andy Lhirondelle
Saddle Lake Xmas party '007,TWINS??
Saddle Lake Xmas party '07,the organizer
Saddle Lake Xmas party,'07,THE GOODTIMERS
Saddle Lake Xmas party,a winner '07
Saddle Lake Xmas party,an enthusiastic winner,07
Saddle Lake Xmas party,Pat Shirt and wife dancing
Andrea-Winston,APTN doc
flute-and-drum,APTN Doc
Winston-Fort-2,APTN Doc
Winston-sunset,APTN Doc
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