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Hello there folks! Glad to see you, and welcome to the new site! You know, one thing Iíve learned over the years is that every day is a new gift to be cherished and enjoyed for what it is. Bringing laughter, teachings, and joy into peopleís hearts is what I love doing best. So please have a look around and hope to see you soon!
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SPECIAL NEWS UPDATE: Winston's one hour biography and life story - an Atoshkewin Productions Inc. feature - has just won the CAMA Award for best television special! Many thanks to Ralph Brown, Jeremy Edwards, Jim Compton, Stephanie Brown, and Stephanie B.
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Want to listen to some of Winston's music? Inside the jukebox on the right you will find these great titles:

1)  See the Arrow.
2)  Ninestosin.
3)  Goosed by a Moose.
4)  My Son.
5)  I Cried
6)  Mussingee.
7)  I am an Indian.
8)  Bingo Baby Blues.
9)  Musee-cho.
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January 28th, 2009: Special viewing of "Largerthanlife" - a showcasing of Aboriginal talent - in selected Cineplex theatres across Canada on Wednesday January 28th, 2009 at 7PM. Check your local Cineplex for listings.

March 25th, 2009: APTN Special "Kitochikew" (One Who Makes Music).