Sing your song, your children are strong...
                                   A household name in the Canadian Music industry since 1973, Aboriginal
                                   entertainer Winston Wuttunee has wowed audiences across North America
                                   as well as Europe and Australia as a singer, keynote speaker, and comedian.
                                   Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Winston is fluent in Cree, English, French,
                                   and has working knowledge of German. His formative years as a musician
                                   were spent in the Canadian Guards Regimental Band as a Clarinetist, which allowed him to broaden his musical repertoire to include Rock & Roll, Blues, Country & Western, Pop, and Classical. He has appeared in hundreds of newspaper articles and interviews, on national television, on radio, and in three movies. In 2002, he became a Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, an honour bestowed upon him by the Annual Aboriginal Awards. He is a proud father and grandfather to four boys, one daughter, and five grandchildren. Winston currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Being creative and productive are two qualities that all successful artists have. Winston has certainly kept himself busy over the years. The following list details some of his endeavours and achievements.

Atoshkewin Productions Inc. An hour long biography and detailed life history, to be aired on APTN and SCN (March 2008).

Aboriginal Music Awards. Won "Best Aboriginal Recording", as well as three consecutive nominations for "Best Male Vocalist". Also received the "Lifetime Achievement Award".

Concerts, Workshops, and Public Speaking Engagements. Presentations made in over 4,500 schools and universities, conferences, folk music festivals, Friendship Centers, and business associations across North America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Fluent in Cree, French, and English, along with a working knowledge of Saulteaux, Anishnabe, and German.

Movie Appearances. "He Who Sees Upside Down", and "The New Ghostdancers" - produced and directed by Duke Redbird. Also "Flat Mountain Tax Tales", which was produced by CBC.

1) Teaching position held at the University of Brandon, Manitoba for the first Native music course - a first of its kind at the time.
2) Several musical contributions made to the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College, Saskatachewan Metis Publications, the
    Cree/Ojibway Cultural Center (Timmons, Ont.), and The National Archives, in Ottawa, Ontario.
3) Listed as a prominent Native Cultural performer and contributor in the Canadian Dictionary of Music.
4) Published the "Indian Music Resource" curriculum, which was adopted by the Sakatchewan Education Learning Department, in the Fine
    Arts Program.
5) Published the "Aboriginal Headstart Course". Now available across Canada.
6) Development of a Cultural Curriculum for the Laichwiltach Family Life Society at Campbell River, British Columbia.

Several national and international television and radio specials. (CBC, CTV, and many local/independant stations/networks).
Educational Contributions
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