Top Self-Defense Training Tips

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Martial arts is not only practiced for self-defense but also for improving general body fitness, spiritual development as well as for entertainment. However, a recent study that was conducted by an independent institution found out that most people who practice martial arts don’t do it correctly and hence they are not able to get the best out of it. Most people usually give up along the way because they don’t use the right training. So are you considering to start martial arts training but you don’t know how to go about it? If yes then today you are in the right place because in this article we are to give you top martial arts training tips.

Martial Arts Training

1. Warm up

Before you start martial arts training, it is very important to first do a light warm up exercise. Various studies that have been conducted by credible institutions have revealed that people who do warm up prior to training martial arts are less likely to succumb to injuries than those who don’t. In addition to that, the warm-up will also help you to perform better when training on martial arts. Experts recommend that you should warm for a period of about 5 to 10 minutes to help loosen your muscles as well as help you prepare for an intense workout.

2. Good diet

In order to get the energy and strength to train for martial arts, you must ensure that you eat a well-balanced diet. Martial arts experts recommend that you should ensure that your diet comprises of vegetables, legumes, whole grain and fresh fruits. Ensure that you try as much as possible to avoid including highly processed foods, junk foods as well as food that are high in sugar in your diet because they will deprive you the much need training energy.

3. Mediate

Meditation is a very important component of martial arts. It actually involves thinking deeply and deep breathe. It also includes emptying your mind completely. This ancient practice can help you in martial arts training because it helps to reduce stress levels, improve your level of concentration as well as help to lower your blood pressure. Meditation will help you to relax to enable you to deliver the best performance. It will also help you concentrate, a factor that will help you train well.

4. Focus

To train martial arts effectively, you must be able to overcome distractions. Focus is, therefore, a very important training tip that most people usually overlook. Focus will help you master certain training skills fast. It will also help to prevent you from getting injuries as well help you practice the sport safety especially if you are intending to use the skills gained to entertain others.

5. Set goals

Although this may sound obvious to many, having a goal is a very important training tip in martial arts. You can only grow in martial arts if you are able to achieve goals that you have set. If you are a beginner start by setting goals that are simple and easy to achieve and as you grow, set goals that are more complex and hard to achieve.

6. For the actual Self-defense learning to use weapons or tools to improve your ability to defend yourself is also a good idea. Learning to sticks, canes and a kubaton and any other items that are normally available in regular urban setting. One of my favorite items is pen for self-defense or called a Tactical Pen this is a fantastic tool that can be used for self-defense especially by women. And because it a actual functioning pen you feel comfortable bringing it with you everywhere.